Executive Board

Kristen M. Curry, LPCC, Doctoral Candidate, Chief Executive Officer

An advocate for social justice and proponent of human rights, Kristen expresses, "I will not explain myself, nor apologize for my thoughts or ideas, simply because I am a woman." Academic achievements include a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Arts degree in clinical counseling Actively working on a doctorate of philosophy in counselor education and supervision advanced research methods specialization. A California native that is as demographically diverse as many of the underserved populations of American society. From an early age, life experience has taught me the value of living with a lens of cultural competence and the significance of building community awareness. Doing so with a personal philosophy of: "In planting the seeds of humanity we can change the Earth upon which we tread, growing a global garden with the beauty of human kindness and understanding," the foundation of the mission statement that "The best of my being is the UnseenXS."

Irmak Basaran, MA, LPCC, Member Board of Directors

Originating from Istanbul, Turkey, Irmak's interests in pursuing higher education in psychology and becoming a social justice advocate, she came to San Francisco, California, in 2009. She earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling from the California School of Professional Psychology and held the license of LPCC California. Irmak finds personal fulfillment in working with culturally diverse populations and influencing people's lives positively. She believes empathy, genuine kindness, unconditional positive regard, and cultural sensitivity are essential for creating change in individuals' lives and the global community.

Carolina Meza-Perez, PsyD, Member Board of Directors

Raised in Southern California, Carolina, a human rights and social justice advocate, has an interest in immigrant rights. Her goal is to help families through the transition of reunification and recovery from traumatic experiences. Carolina completed her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International Psychology in Los Angeles, CA. She currently works at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas. Having experience with the homeless population, Carolina wishes to continue empowering families through a collaborative effort.

AL0NZ0 CURRY, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Human rights and social ideology advocate with experience as a successful entrepreneur and a Master's in Business Administration. Working alongside individuals in key decision-making positions of both local and federal governments has supported the development of a healthy understanding of the structure of the community. With clarity and determination to be at the forefront of a new concept of social structure, knowledge gained from life experience and professionalism supports the expansion of UnseenXS with technology that brings a collaboration of funding sources, investment opportunities, internships, and both intrinsic and extrinsic community cause and effect. Address the gaps in society to educate a more cohesive community with empathy and cultural competence. Out of this desire came the mission of UnseenXS, "The best of our being is the UnseenXS."