Outpatient Services

Comprehensive Case Management Team:

Our team of trained mental health professionals provides comprehensive case management support to individuals living with severe mental illness. Case management support is imperative to the sustainability of client progress as they live and engage in their respective communities. Services are provided on contract 24/7 by a team of Case Managers, psychiatrists, psychiatric technicians, and nurses. Working in medical based settings, we close the gap in access to resources and services in underserved and underrepresented communities.

Clinical Counseling Support:

Our clinical counseling team provides individual, family, and group therapy interventions to enhance the stabilization of clients mental health. Group therapy includes anger management, co-occurring disorders, expressive art therapy, peer support, and much more. Participants have the opportunity to establish and maintain a healthy support system.

Organizational Support:

Our organization relies on partnerships between medical based facility administration and staff. Some of our support services extend to our administrative and staff partners in the following ways…

· Crisis Support

· Clinical Counseling Services

· Community Resourcing and Referrals

If you would like to become a community partner, or need supportive services, please contact us. Email: UnseenXS@yahoo.com