UnseenXS collaboratively develops community interactive game models that properly promote an intimate personal experience by efficiently utilizing social experiments of arbitrary applications in urban communities. Seamlessly, UnseenXS combines the real world, modern internet, email, telephones and other types of online activity for real-life coordination of the Urban Alternative Movement that is critically analyzed by underprivileged communities. Multidisciplinary collaborations of intellectually challenging puzzles, plots, and conspicuous characteristics are engaged with interactive players in the community. UnseenXS implements algorithms controlled by game design of active characters that play responsibly in the real-time story lines that intentionally alter the perspective of the motivated individuals through creative storytelling. UnseenXS experience communicates through various mediums of data and a series of altered realities utilizing stories that effect the population. Players will appreciate playing the game of exploring and examining researched theories in a formal inductive and deductive state within the designated community. UnseenXS utilizes the skills of deductive reasoning and valuable results to combine logical reasoning for plausible conclusions within the study. Game investors incorporate facts or fictional elements with cognitive processes to discover microaggressions etcetera. UnseenXS' collaborative study of participant experience in a designated community creates informative data that is valid to testing pre- and post-psychometrics, presumptive conclusions, informed speculation, or scientifically optimistic in nature. UnseenXS utilizes a test of syllogism or abstract inductive reasoning to change the perspective of the participants.

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